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Cycles and the Feminine

At the heart of our femininity is our womb. Are you at war with your womb - or in tune with it?

The word feminine, for me, conjures images of elegance, creativity, love, grace, flowing, peace, nurture, positive energy. When I think of cycles, I think of life, nature, resilience, continuity, air, water, new life, being reborn, hope, rhythm and patterns. 

Instead of seeing our monthly cycle as opportunity, beauty, wisdom, creativity, rhythm, connection, nourishment and a celebration of life and femininity - we tend to view it as "the curse", annoying, something "we have to live with". We battle to manage, suppress or eliminate the very part of us that connects us to other women, all of life and the universe itself. Are we moving so fast that we are missing some of the beautiful parts of life that only happen when we have to slow down to notice?

How do you view your relationship with your natural cycle? Can we embrace our feminine and work with our cycle to enhance our energy and creativity? Can we give ourselves a "season" each month for reflecting and shedding negative emotions, anger or excess worry? Allowing times of rest and renewal, embracing our feminine and celebrating life can only add depth and meaning to our lives and relationships. 

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