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Whole Health. Whole Food. Whole Life.

WholeyHealth! is not-for-profit - and is not a “health shop”.

It is a Community Market space with a “Think Global, Act Local” kaupapa.

Simplicity and aroha for people and the planet are at it’s heart - improved health and wellbeing are just natural bi-products!

Bella Vacca (2).jpg

Every dollar spent at Wholeyhealth! supports the local economy, the environment, and provides a fair price to producers both here, and, down the supply chain - while keeping your grocery and gift-buying bill affordable and your pantry healthy.

Lesley A'Court

The whole concept is kind to the customer and the growers keeping values up without asking massive profits. Top quality with growers actually being paid for their produce is definitely a new idea.

Hikiurangi has never seemed so alive in years. Top marks Jocelyn and Ian. We need a great many more cooperative shops for the general public to enjoy.

Daniela Johnson

A business with values. Supporting Northland farmers, growers and crafters. Prioritising products that are ethically made and sustainably produced. A beautiful place to shop and always a friendly face.

Sandra Boston

Amazing friendly service. Highly knowledgeable staff and we are spending much less on our organic goods shopping here, compared to specialist organic food stores. Great range, that seems to be expanding every time I visit. Loving the Bella Vacca milk in Glass bottles.
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