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Ancient Wisdom!

I love it when science finally catches up with what your grandparents already knew!

Save money, improve your health, and connect with generations before you .....then pass it on

Join me and learn more about amazing traditions that actually enhance your health and digestion. Many of these foods, drinks, and traditions are remarkably simple and not as time consuming as you would think - and remarkably satisfying when you do it yourself!!  

Kombucha: traditional fermented tea that is delicious, refreshing and has wonderful health benefits.

Fasting: Buddhist tradition (Indonesia) holds that Buddha fasted for 35 years, and Christians tell of Jesus fasting for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. I don't suggest you try either of these (unless you have the benefit of divine intervention!), but, every culture throughout history has some form of this practice, and now science is discovering why it works for us! 

Meditation: Every culture has traditions and practices of some form of meditation and reflection. The western world, with its culture of rushing and materialism is losing touch with the spiritual, and is not taking time to slow down. This manifests in growing rates of depression, mental illness, suicide, relationship and family breakdown, family violence and stress related illnesses.

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