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Baked Goods

Jana's Organic Sourdough Bread

Baked in-store on Wednesdays using only organic ingredients and naturally nurtured sourdough starter.

This weeks: Seeded Multigrain, Carrot & Sunflower, Spiced Raisin

$8.00 ($7.20 co-op)

Gluten-Free Sourdough Loaf available frozen - or order fresh for next Wednesday (order by Saturday prev):  $12.00 ($9.60 co-op)

Ingredients on request.

Handsome Frog Sourdough Tinned Loaves

Our sourdough range is all Handmade over days added yeast

Traditional tinned sourdough loaves baked Tuesdays and Fridays:  White, Wholemeal, Sunflower, Country Grain, Rye, German Rye

$9.50 ($8.55 co-op) 

LOCKDOWN DEAL: buy 1 fresh - get any choice of frozen free!!

(ingredients on request)

Handsome Frog Sourdough Italian Focaccia

$9.50 ($8.55 co-op)

Small Focaccia: $5.00 ($4.50 co-op)

Handsome Frog Sourdough Boule

$9.50 ($8.55 co-op)

Small Boule: $5.00 ($4.50 co-op)

(ingredients on request)

Handsome Frog Sourdough Baked Goods

Co-op members 10% off indicated in brackets

Crackers herb or plain: $4.00 ($3.60)

Crisp Bread: $7.50 ($6.75)

Bread Crumbs: $9.00 ($8.10)

Artisan Granola (400g): $9.80 ($8.82)

Ingredients on request

Handsome Frog Sourdough Bagels, Poppy or Sesame - 5 pack

$8.00 ($7.20 co-op)

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