Wholey Health!

Whole Health. Whole Food.  Whole Life.

Support our local growers and producers at this time. We have local milk, meat, veges and fruit - also sustainable whole foods, groceries, household products, vegetable seedlings, personal care and wellbeing products.
  • Place orders by email only  - if this is a problem then contact me on by phone, but please don't send the order by text. 
  • Please try and order one week ahead. This might be a problem at first but it helps with supply- we can be flexible.
  • Use this site as your "go to" for what is available, news and updates 
  • Communicate by email as a preference  (if it is urgent or you need to speak ph: 0211833747)  
warning: I do check in on FaceBook, but Im NOT reliable so please do not leave important messages or orders there

Welcome to WholeyHealth!

  Whole Health. Whole Food. Whole Life.

WholeyHealth! is not-for-profit - and is not a “health shop” ...it is a Community Market space with a “Think Global, Act Local” kaupapa. Simplicity and aroha for people and the planet are at it’s heart - improved health and wellbeing are just natural bi-products!

A whole, happy and healthy life shouldn’t cost the earth!

Every dollar spent at Wholeyhealth! supports the local economy, the environment, and provides a fair price to producers both here, and, down the supply chain - while keeping your grocery and gift-buying bill affordable - and your pantry healthy. The “feel good” factor is free!

Paper bags, boomerang bags, recycled containers and “bring and fill” for pantry items are all part of our waste management strategy.

The shop is decorated using environmentally friendly products and coverings, and, we have kept the village feel to this cosy and very old building that was once a blacksmiths. Nothing in it is straight and we like it that way.

Do come and visit at 41 King St, Hikurangi.  (After Lockdown is over!!)You will find locally made products, gifts, craft, fresh produce, as spray-free or organic as possible. Supply is local first!

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