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Colour is Everything!

Eat the rainbow every day!



Each colour gives different benefits - nature's pharmacy never fails and comes in a form that your body knows how to use (with the exception of a few disorders that might prevent this). This is how we were designed to live and thrive, with everything provided from mother Earth. Our "instant" modern world often disconnects from our food and where it comes from. Sometimes we forget that we are part of the natural world and are literally made of recycled materials! ..."from the dust you were formed, and to the dust you will return!"

We need to feed our bodies from the Earth and not the laboratory!! If you can't pronounce it - don't eat it!! Every day be amazed at the beautiful world we live in and all that it provides - there is no such thing as boring with whole foods - check out the information on different foods below, and our Recipes for inspiring ways to connect with real food.

Which Foods will Help to relieve Hayfever and Allergy?

Dr Libby Weaver advises on foods that will help reduce inflammation and the effects of histamine

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(Zingibar Officinale)

Not only is the root versatile and delicious to add to juice, stir-fries, soups and stews, but, the powdered spice - traded from ancient times -also adds a warming glow to curries, stir-fries and baking. Both have wonderful benefits both nutritionally and medicinally ..... READ MORE

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Malabar Gourd (Pie Melon)


The mature fruit of this melon is used for making sweets in some countries. The seeds are highly nutritious and it is known to have a hypoglycaemic effect (lowers blood sugar levels) - so, it is a food that should be of interest to those with pre-diabetic (high) blood sugar levels and diabetics.

The flowers, leaves and tender shoots are used in Mexico and other countries as greens. The most nutritional part of Cucurbita ficifolia is its fat- and protein-rich seeds, which can vary in color from white to black. They are used in Mexico to make palanquetas, a sweet similar to peanut brittle. The fruit has several uses as food. The immature fruit is eaten cooked, while the mature fruit is sweet and used to make confectionery and beverages, sometimes alcoholic.


Sea Vegetables....mineral, vitamin and dietary fibre superstars!

New Zealand is low in iodine in our soils - kelp (Kombu) and other sea vegetables are a natural and sustainable solution and we have plenty of ocean!

Traditionally, Maori would not have been deficient in this essential mineral or selenium either...both of these only require trace amounts in your diet but are hugely important for our immune functioning and thyroid health. Read More...

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