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Questions about the online store and products are always welcome.

  • Please feel free to contact me via the Contact page - or personal message me on Facebook. Please be aware that I will publish the most commonly asked questions - or - if it is just simply a darn good question (but I will not identify you personally)!
  • I also love to hear requests of goods or products you would like to see in our stock.
  • It goes without saying (even though I am) - that rude or inappropriate questions will just be trashed - sooo probably best not go there ;-)

Here are a few common questions but there is room for more :-)

Why are so many of these products imported?

Many of these products are imported as they are not available in New Zealand, but I am also aware that our soils are low in selenium and magnesium and we actually benefit from some key food items coming from areas where this is not the case (Brazil nuts are an example). Some items that are available in NZ are not available organic or spray free (the corn chips are an example (sadly).

What About the Carbon Footprint?

We do need to be aware of this and I am equally aware that we are also a global village. Your trade actually creates markets for many people in the place where these foods are meant to grow- and grow best. We can add to world poverty by "taking" food items and growing them in our own country.

I Cant Afford Organic and Fair Trade Food!

I hear this so often! I invite you to look closely at your food trolley and what it actually costs you to shop at a supermarket! You will buy extras every time you visit - fruit juice, wine, biscuits, potato chips, dips, sauces, extra breads, lollies, ice cream or other desserts, etc, etc. Many you would not have had on your shopping list - and all are sugar laden and are highly processed and therefore contain unhealthy fats and preservatives. You will also be "tricked" into buying foods that are marketed as healthy and are certainly not (many of the yoghurt brands and breakfast cereals, for example). It is not by chance that hospitals, medical centres and supermarkets are all growing at an equal rate!! Add to this: the fresh produce is not fresh (one trip to the local farmers market and you will learn this for yourself) and is mostly produced with artificial fertilisers, unsustainable practices that cause nutrient-leaching into our waterways (and out of the soil), and sprayed with very toxic chemicals to control pests, weeds, and fungus. So you can see cheap food and supermarket shopping is actually very, very expensive!


We add to the poverty of many, many people around the globe (and locally) when we demand a minimum price for the foods that they have worked hard to produce - my prices, in many cases, are not the cheapest - and I am proud of this as they are as fair as I can make them presently, while still being conveniently and safely packaged for use, and maintaining certification. I assure you that I will be reviewing and improving on these constantly - while still offering the best price I can. The more you support myself, and businesses such as mine, - and local producers of fresh produce (including meat, eggs, fish, condiments and baking) the better it will get! The law of supply and demand! Your dollar counts and has incredible power to change the world for better - or worse.

Doesn't Sound Like I Can Eat Very Much! Whole Foods are Boring!

Haha! Prepare to be amazed! Far from boring, you will cook meals that your family did not think you were capable of - easy-peasy! You will get better and better, whether you are a creature of the kitchen or not!! And you will never look back! Just link in to my tips and guides and you are on your way! It's very simple - trust me, I am no chef! I will also link you to some food geniuses in case you want fancy or just more!

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