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Buddhist tradition (Indonesia) holds that Buddha fasted for 35 years, and Christians tell of Jesus fasting for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. I don't suggest you try either of these (unless you have the benefit of divine intervention!), but ...........

Almost every culture throughout history has some form of fasting practice, and now science is discovering why it works for us! 

Fasting probably conjures memories of your experience on the 40 Hour Famine (...that you agreed to for the greater good, but hung out for the barley sugars and hoped there would be some weight loss pay-off!), or maybe ditching red meat, chocolates, coffee or wine for Lent. These are noble causes, but there are many traditions of fasting. Most are based on religious practice, and as it turns out (once again) that God is right! Fasting is good for you (in more ways than one) and it doesn't have to be too hard!

Let's explore this, and then see how you can include this practice as part your wellbeing plan .......

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