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Health Alert!! - Hydration

The advice given on the "Drink" page is intended for otherwise well individuals with no long-term conditions. 

Some people need to be on fluid restrictions - if you have a heart or renal condition, or are on certain medications then the Hydration Challenge is not for you!! Please consult your doctor or nurse if you are on fluid restriction and feel that you are suffering from dehydration, your medications may need to be reviewed.

  • Insufficient fluid intake is just one reason that we may be dehydrated. Our bodies are very complex and sometimes we may not be absorbing water into our blood and cells even though we are drinking a lot - if you are still showing or feeling symptoms of dehydration when you have increased your water intake, then you need to visit your health professional.
  • High blood sugars can cause a constant thirstiness - if you are constantly thirsty, speak to your pharmacist or see your doctor.
  • If you have increased your fluid intake and notice swelling of your extremities (particularly legs/ankles/feet), or your abdomen - you need to see your doctor!
  • If you have increased your fluid intake and you become very short of breath - call emergency services.
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