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Maslow's Hi​erarchy of Needs

The theory asserts that unless basic physiologic and emotional needs are met, a person will not be able to reach their full potential. Read more ..... 

No matter what your stage in life, or health status, where are you on this "Whole Health" ladder?

You may have money as you have a good career:

  • Good warm house
  • excellent transport
  • food
  • clean water on tap


  1. You are constantly on the run
  2. Eat fast or convenient food
  3. Drink mainly caffeine
  4. Don't exercise
  5. Hardly sleep
  6. Home feels like a drop in occasionally place
  7. Spouse is distant
  8. Kids avoid you
  9. Boss is constantly pressuring you

"Poverty" and "Poor" are not the same thing!!

The above scenario shows how someone can be very well off - yet so poor! The opposite is often also true - someone has a very low income, but their house is adequate, food is real, the water is clean and they drink plenty of it, and they bike, walk or bus .... the family unit is warm, loving, fun and there is little need for material goods... What level on the pyramid?

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