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The Sheilas

Lesley A'Court and her daughter, Penny, are proud of their famous seasonal, sweet, spray-free strawberries. In strawberry season they are known as the Strawberry Sheilas, but they are very talented and also have a great reputation (in the best possible way!) as the Pickled Sheilas. They have been supplying local markets for many years and Lesley (a retired teacher, who really doesn't know what retirement is) has a huge amount of growing, preserving and horticultural marketing experience that spans decades. They employ people seasonally on their Austen Rd property and also grow other produce, such as cucumbers and garlic. Their preserves include pickles, jams and chutneys, and their black tea- based kombucha is the real, deal with no-cheat production (many supermarket brands have added sugar, flavour or are carbonated). Each batch that Lesley and Penny make is slightly different and behaves uniquely! Abundant energy that surpasses comprehension is the reason that Lesley and Penny produce the most amazing, delicious products in the quantity that they do.

The Sheilas also have: Elephant Garlic, Fresh Gherkin Cucumber, Pickle, fresh strawberries, frozen strawberries, Kombucha, 'Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Chilero, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Vinegar, Strawberry Topping, Plum Sauce, Plum Chutney, Tomato and Date Chutney, Tomato Sauce, Super Tom Sauce, Tomato Relish, Pickled Red Cabbage, Bread n Butter Pickle, Pickled Onions - sweet, low sugar, hot or curried. 

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