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Our very life is dependent on the act of breathing, yet we barely think about it. Our lungs carry out Incredible chemical and physiologic processes constantly - complex formulas that most of us could never consciously understand - gaseous exchange of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide - finely balanced, across membranes with a complexity that is absolutely amazing.

And the air we breathe, delicately kept in balance, allowing all of life on Earth to exist - do we stop to think about this, even for just a moment, and be filled with awe. The trees that provide beauty and shade, and materials for us, also breathe for the Earth and allow us to survive in our unique atmosphere that shrouds and protects us in the vastness of space. We share this miracle with millions of other life forms, all of us belonging in the complexity of life and playing our part in the exchange of gases and nutrients that never ceases. 

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