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Processed Foods

What is Processed Food?

It is such a broad term. Technically speaking, it includes butter, definitely cheese, fruit juice, smoothies, roast potatoes, soup, cooked veges, milo, raw cacao, coconut oil (what!), etc, as all of these have been modified or processed in some way, as compared to whole foods that are in their natural state: apples, raw cabbage, whole milk, coconut water, etc. Some foods are virtually indigestible to us without some kind of preparation or processing, and we have traditions dating back thousands of years. Generally, however, when we talk about processed foods, these days, we are usually referring to foods that will survive on a shelf for a very long time - so they have been modified in a way that defies nature - either using chemicals, or using processes that alter the nature of food itself - or some of the ingredients. But remember the broader context as it helps us to make appropriate decisions - there are many shades of grey!

So, CAN they be good for you?

Food processing is not knew and is part of our survival journey. The answer is probably most dependent on how FAR the product deviates from nature - so a word of caution (and commonsense when you think about it): if it takes a laboratory to make it - it probably needs a laboratory to digest it! Your body is designed to work in harmony with nature, not "food" engineers!

This can be deceiving, of course, as producers want you to believe that you are eating real food - and they will use words like "healthy", "low fat", "real fruit", but some will also give you clues like, "long-life" or "instant" or "convenient". It is a funny thing, nature, it has never been very convenient - which is very inconvenient when you are rushing with 10 hours of tasks to do in 8 hours, need to keep a house and feed the family!!  

What are the Chemicals?



What are the processess?

High heat




Dr Lustig explains why sugar is killing us. Please especially listen to the facts about fructose, fibre and also alcohol

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